Privy Council decision between FFOS and EMA deferred

Monday, July 30, 2018 - 07:00

No decision today in the matter between the Fishermen and Friends of the Sea and the Environmental Management Authority.
The matter surrounds the granting of a certificate of environmental clearance to the Ministry of Works And Transport in June 2017.
The C-E-C was granted for the establishment of a 5000-meter highway in the Sangre Grande area.
Fishermen And Friends of The Sea have stated that the E-M-A'S potion to grant the document to the ministry is “unreasonable, illegal, procedurally improper, irrational, null and void and of no effect.”
The N-G-O says the highway was being constructed on the boundary of the protected and designated environmentally sensitive area along the Aripo Savannas, which supports environmentally sensitive species.
On April 20th, the F-F-O-S scored a landmark victory in the court of appeal when it was granted leave to appeal to the Privy Council, and an injunction pending the hearing of that appeal. The injunction effectively halted further construction work from continuing on the Cumuto-Sangre Grande Highway with immediate effect.