Problem of water in gas at some NP service stations has been resolved

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 - 16:00

The National Petroleum Marketing Company (NP) has confirmed that all service stations affected by the problem of water in gas, are fully back in operation and that the problem hs been resolved.

NP responded to question we posed to them on the issue.

The following are their responses:

1. When did NP realize there was a contamination?

NP confirmed reports of fuel being contaminated by water at a few stations when NPs Maintenance Technicians visited the sites during the course of the night of Tuesday 07 February 2017 (from approximately 10:00pm onwards) to ascertain the reported issues. The issues at the affected service stations have all been fully rectified as of mid-day today.

2. What caused the water contamination and what measures are in place to ensure there is no recurrence?

NP is still investigating the matter and remains committed to ensuring that its investigations and analysis of the matter are concluded as quickly as possible, with any issues identified being addressed expeditiously. Furthermore, NP continues to advocate for strict compliance with standard procedures and continues to emphasise to ALL its dealers the critical importance of ensuring that their storage tanks are checked for water each morning. In addition, the site operators/dealers are required to check the road tank wagons that deliver fuel, prior to receipt of fuel into their storage tanks so that the
motoring public receives good fuel quality.

3. How is this now rectified?

NP’s fuelling systems at some sites are equipped with built-in safety mechanisms that are designed to shut off if water is detected, and this serves to prevent water-contaminated fuel from being dispensed. However, at stations where this automated system is not yet installed, as an immediate measure, once water is detected through mandatory daily checks and checks prior to the receipt of fuel, affected service stations are required to stop the sale of the product. Technicians are dispatched to the site and the water is removed. Once the systems on the site are confirmed to be water-free, the sale of fuel resumes. 

4. If people believe that their vehicle was compromised in any way, how can they seek redress?

Any affected customer should first lodge a complaint at the Service Station where the product was purchased. Additionally, customers can contact NP’s Customer Service Department 625-1364-8 #427, call the hotline at 800-NPMC (6762) or email the Department at [email protected] and lodge their complaints with the investigating officer.