Protective Services personnel still awaiting priority housing

Approximately 400 officers from the protective services of T&T who are in need of priority housing are still awaiting allocation.

This was revealed during a media conference called on Thursday by the President of the Fire Services Association of T&T, Leo Ramkissoon along with the President of the Prisons Officers Association, Ceron Richards.

In 2008, the Housing Ministry through a cabinet note, states that members of the protective services will be allocated ten per cent of the housing stock.

Ramkissoon explained that a housing committee which was formed since 2017 the four entities (Fire, Prisons, Police Services and T&T Defence Force) that form the protective services have submitted, on two occasions, lists of personnel who are in need of priority allocation for housing.

However, he added that the issue for them is that there has been no accountability in terms of persons haven't been engaged to be allocated housing from those lists.

Ramkissoon said they formally wrote to the Minister of Housing, Edmund Dillon, in July requesting urgently to meet with him to have the issue addressed and to get from him and the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) “whether this joint protective services housing committee is in effect, a functioning committee or where it is a means where authorities meant to silence them.”

“The minister ought to have responded by now…We are prepared to pay the ministry a visit in numbers,” Ramkissoon said.

The letter dated July 15th, 2019, informed Dillon that “In the approximately two and a half years since the inauguration of the Joint Protective Services Housing Committee (JPSHC), not one of the 400 names submitted for allocation has been accounted for by the HDC nor the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.

Our countless requests for accountability in this regard have been totally ignored.”

“to this end, we are hereby requesting an urgent status report on each enlisted member of the eight lists submitted thus far, as well as a meeting with yourself and the Managing Director of the HDC in the shortest possible time to discuss the functionality of the JPSHC,” it added.

Reporter: Rhondor Dowlat-Rostant


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