"Publish names of persons convicted of harming children" - Boodhan

Chaguanas Mayor Gopaul Boodhan says the names of persons convicted of harming children should be released to the public.

He spoke to Guardian Media on Wednesday at the Chaguanas Borough Corporation's (CBC) annual Easter Bonnet parade and concert.

Boodhan said social media is riddled with reports of persons who have gone missing and notes that most of these cases involve minors.

“The community should know who are the persons living among them that committed crimes, especially crimes against children,” the mayor said.

He added that these names should be published both on the national media and on social media so members of various communities can know with who they are dealing with.

Mayor Boodhan believes that all stakeholders need to come together to eliminate criminal activity especially crimes against youngsters.

 - by Shastri Boodhan