Rains bring water relief for some

Heavy rains in South Trinidad brought tem­po­rary re­lief to res­i­dents who have been suf­fer­ing from wa­ter short­ages since Jan­u­ary.

As WASA is­sued new wa­ter sched­ules for South and Cen­tral Trinidad, many res­i­dents said they were hope­ful that it would not change and they will be able to en­joy a re­li­able wa­ter sup­ply at least once or twice per week.

At Di­a­mond Vil­lage, San Fer­nan­do, busi­ness­woman Fazee­da Ma­haraj said the rains brought some re­lief as she was able to col­lect some emer­gency sup­plies.

Point­ing to a bar­rel of wa­ter which she filled from rain­fall, Ma­haraj said, "To­day we will fi­nal­ly be able to flush the toi­lets and bathe. We have not had wa­ter for over ten days. I have bas­kets of clothes to wash."

Melis­sa Rav­el­lo, from Ridge­wood Gar­dens, Gol­con­da, who op­er­ates K&K Min­i­mart, said she had been un­able to run her busi­ness be­cause of the wa­ter short­ages.

"I nor­mal­ly make dou­bles on evenings but I can­not do it now be­cause there is no wa­ter. The tank is dry," she said.

Ravi's car­wash near­by was shut down be­cause there was no wa­ter to wash the yard.

At Caratal Vil­lage, Gas­par­il­lo res­i­dent Thalia Ban­war­rie said she was not hap­py with the sched­ule.

"I think they are dis­crim­i­nat­ing when it comes to wa­ter. They are say­ing we will get wa­ter once per week but it has been three weeks and we have no wa­ter," she said.

At Corosan Vil­lage, George Vil­lage, Table­land, res­i­dent Kei­th Ram­lal said they still have not had any wa­ter. He said WASA pro­vides com­mu­nal tanks. He said if a pipe-borne sup­ply could be pro­vid­ed once per week, res­i­dents will be over­joyed.

Mean­while, MP for Princes Town Bar­ry Padarath who was or­dered to be re­moved from the Par­lia­ment af­ter the Speak­er of the House re­ject­ed his mo­tion of def­i­nite mat­ter of ur­gent pub­lic im­por­tance on Mon­day, said WASA should stick to its sched­ule.

He said WASA's wa­ter dis­tri­b­u­tion has been skewed as on­ly a few con­stituen­cies in south Trinidad have been con­sis­tent­ly with­out pipe-borne wa­ter for the past two months.

Padarath warned that if WASA con­tin­ues to dis­crim­i­nate against Princes Town, Ma­yaro and Table­land, the protest ac­tion will in­ten­si­fy.

He said he planned to re­turn to the Par­lia­ment on Mon­day to raise the is­sue again.

"We will take emp­ty buck­ets, basins, bath­tubs, dirty clothes, dirty dish­es, and thirsty con­stituents to the Prime Min­is­ter's Of­fice and the Par­lia­ment if the wa­ter cri­sis is not ad­dressed," Padarath said.

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