Repairs to damaged aircraft to begin soon

Repairs to a Caribbean Airlines CAL) aircraft which crashed into the wall of the terminal building at Piarco International Airport last month are set to begin as initial assessment's to the plane's damage have been completed.

This has been confirmed by the airline's Corporate Communications Manager Dionne Ligoure  who told Guardian Media via text: "The ATR team has completed its assessment and repairs are to begin shortly."

The nose of the plane was damaged one month ago as it was be­ing tax­ied from the ramp to a hangar.

The aircraft came in­to con­tact with the wall of the air­port ter­mi­nal build­ing.

The air­craft was not in ac­tive ser­vice and there were no pas­sen­gers or crew on board at the time.

Ligoure said no timeline could be given as to when the aircraft will be returned to service as after repairs are done further assessments will be done to ensure the aircraft meets industry regulations.

The circumstances surrounding the crash are still being actively investigated.

 - by Peter Christopher

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