Roofs blown off in Chatham

As a tropical wave passed over T&T on Monday, gusty winds blew off a roof at Iros Village, Chatham, leaving two brothers running for cover.

Rajesh Mookraj, 28 and his brother Pradeep Mookraj, 30, were sleeping inside their home when they heard a loud crash.

Rajesh said he got up confused and was astonished to see their roof missing.

"I was sleeping inside my room and the breeze started to blow really hard. That was when I heard the crash. My brother started to call me loudly. The roof fly outside. The current pole fell down too and all the neighbours came out to help," Rajesh said.

He added that the force of the winds had crumpled the galvanize,

"The rains soaked everything inside the house. Right now I am cleaning up. The space saver, TV, radio, stereo, bed and stove all got wet. We have to throw away everything," he said.

Asked where he planned to spend the night, Mookraj said with the help of neighbours they planned to repair the roof.

Mookraj works as a labourer with CR Boodoosingh.

Meanwhile, at the SS Erin Road, gusty winds also threw down a sprawling tree and powerlines in Santa Flora.

Traffic was diverted onto Francis Trace as the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) mobilized quickly to conduct repairs. At Manzanilla Road, another tree collapsed but there were no injuries.

Most of T&T experienced thunderstorm conditions on Monday as a tropical storm passed over the area. Flooding was reported in Chaguanas.

The T&T Weather Centre said over 2,100 lightning strikes were recorded since midnight. The T&T Meteorological Office said rain will continue over the next two days, as the tropical wave and ITCZ activity is expected to bring periods of rainfall and thunderstorms.

- by Radhica De Silva

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