San Fernando residents asked to put out waste as clean-up campaign continues

Thursday, March 2, 2017 - 12:30

The National Clean-Up Campaign will continue in the city of San Fernando this weekend, kicking off with a launch ceremony at the San Fernando City Corporation’s Carib Street Complex on Saturday 4th March, 2017 at 8 am, the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government says.

This is the second time a Clean-Up Campaign of this nature has come to the city, the first also being an initiative of Minister Kazim Hosein (then Mayor of the city), which took place in November 2015.

Minister Kazim says in a media statement: “We have been progressing throughout the country very well. San Fernando will be the sixth municipality that we clean-up and we will continue southwards and then come back up in the east. Thus far we have cleared over three thousand loads of bulk and white waste since we began in Diego Martin on the 14th of January. We have also cleared overgrown lots and roadways, removed derelict vehicles and demolished dilapidated structures.”

He says this initiative has been "extremely successful" thus far mainly because of the strong spirit of volunteerism from our contractors, volunteer organizations and the participation of the residents in each municipality. 

Residents of the city of San Fernando are being asked to put out their bulk and white waste on Friday 3rd March, 2017 for collection over the weekend.