Sando police foil supermarket robbery

Thursday, January 16, 2020 - 13:15

Po­lice foiled a rob­bery at a Chi­nese su­per­mar­ket in San Fer­nan­do on Wednes­day night re­sult­ing in the ar­rest of two sus­pects.

The men are from La Ro­maine and Mor­vant.


Armed with guns, the four men en­tered the su­per­mar­ket at Keate Street around 7.45 pm and an­nounced a hold-up. The po­lice re­ceived a re­port that the men were seen run­ning in­to the su­per­mar­ket and a wire­less trans­mis­sion was sent out.

Of­fi­cers of the South­ern Di­vi­sion im­me­di­ate­ly re­spond­ed and cor­doned off the perime­ter and sealed off the ad­ja­cent streets. The sus­pects ran out of the su­per­mar­ket up­on hear­ing the ap­proach­ing po­lice sirens.

Po­lice car­ried out a search and found two of the sus­pects.

They are still search­ing for the oth­er two men.


Among the po­lice of­fi­cers who re­spond­ed were con­sta­bles Wood­ly, Che Beis­den, Aaron Ma­habir, Sandy, Su­jeet Ram­cha­ran of the Mon Re­pos and San Fer­nan­do Po­lice po­lice sta­tions.

Oth­er units which re­spond­ed in­clud­ing the ERP, CID, Task Force, Crime Pa­trol Unit and High­way pa­trol.

Reporter: Sascha Wilson