Scores of Venezuelans who entered a week ago still missing

Scores of Venezuelan nationals who entered this country by boat illegally more than a week ago are still in hiding.

A woman, her husband and young child which she had strapped to her back said that they entered Trinidad by boat through a lonely beach at Morne Diablo in Penal.

They hid in a swamp for several days and later met up with other illegal immigrants in Palo Seco.

The Venezuelan family was rounded up in a massive police exercise yesterday in which illegal immigrants were held in Palo Seco,Erin and Cedros.

The woman told authorities that several other Venezuelans who came on the boat with her had fled in different directions.

She estimated that more than 80 immigrants had disappeared.

Police say they are continuing their search for several illegal immigrants in Penal, Erin, Palo Seco and Icacos.

 - by Mark Bassant