'Send your children to school Ash Wednesday'

As the Carnival season comes to an end, Education Minister Anthony Garcia is reiterating his call on parents to send their children to school on Ash Wednesday and the rest of the week.

“Parents need to ensure that they are sending the right message to their children. Do not keep your children at home. There is school after Carnival. Do not deprive them from teaching time, especially as they prepare to write the SEA, CSEC and CAPE exams,” he said.

Despite the perception that students are left unsupervised during the week following Carnival, the Education Ministry says its data tells a different story.

It says that over the years, teachers attendance on Ash Wednesday and the following days has been positive, in contrast with the low attendance of students.

“The reality is that some parents decide not to send their children to school. We want to encourage them to exercise their parental responsibility by doing the right thing. Teachers have been coming out to work and we value their dedication. We want to see more students in the classroom next week”, Minister Garcia added.

Minister Garcia also extends congratulations to all the students and teachers who participated in this year’s school Carnival programmes and competitions.

He said that from all reports the activities organised by the Ministry were very successful and fully supported by stakeholders.

Over the last two months, members of the Students Support Services Divisions and Curriculum Officers have been implementing the Ministry’s School Carnival Safety and Awareness Programme.

Thousands of primary and secondary school students were empowered as they receive relevant, timely and accurate information to increase their awareness of steps to stay safe and avoid situations that can threaten their safety.

Meanwhile, teachers were effectively reinforcing Carnival safety tips through the curriculum delivery in subject areas such as Social Studies, VAPA and HFLE.


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