Services shutdown at San Fernando Oncology Centre

Friday, November 22, 2019 - 12:15

Dozens of people, including cancer patients, could not get chemotherapy treatment and other services at the San Fernando Oncology Centre on Friday morning, after electrical circuits became waterlogged inside the facility.

A source said chemotherapy machines were taken offline and all electrical appliances had to be examined by T&TEC before it could be used.

Up to 10:30 am, over 40 patients were waiting in benches inside the facility.

Officials of T&TEC were doing assessments and sources said services will return once T&TEC gives the all-clear.

One woman who requested anonymity said she came to get a prescription for her daughter who suffers from nephrotic syndrome.

"We coming all the way from Granville and when we came on Wednesday, they told us the building flooded out. Today we came again and they saying it is not open as yet and we have to wait."

The distraught mother said she was very concerned about the problems.

"We have so many people here depending on this facility and they have not come out to tell us anything as yet," she said.

Another patient said this was not the first time the building experienced flooding in the electrical circuits.

Many of the cancer patients did not want to be named or photographed. One woman said the Centre provided exceptional service and it was unfair for the media to give negative reporting to the facility.

On Wednesday services were also interrupted because of the same issue.  The facility has a leaking roof which is still being repaired.

Last month the South West Regional Health Authority said it was in the process of conducting a full roof assessment, adding that works will be conducted on the weekends to ensure minimal disruptions to service.

SWRHA officials said they will issue another release shortly pending further investigations.