Shannon Banfield's body found at IAM on Charlotte Street

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 11:15

The body of the missing 20-year-old Republic Bank employee Shannon Banfield has been found.

She was murdered.

Banfield's body was found this afternoon in a warehouse at Charlotte Street, Port of Spain.

The discovery was made shortly after 2 pm at IAM and Company, located and 39 Charlotte Street.

The body bore marks of violence and her clothes had been torn.

Police had initially said that she was found in a freezer.

However, owner Ishmael Ali said the workers had been getting stench over the last two days.

He said the workers investigated thinking it was a dead rat and found the woman's body among boxes in the store's warehouse.

The 12 workers at the establishment and currently being interrogated by police. 

Banfield had been missing since Monday evening after leaving work for her McCarthy Street Extension, Cantaro, Santa Cruz home.

Her mother said she had spoken to Banfield who told her that she was going to Pennywise and then to IAM to pick up some items.

She said she later got a call from her phone but could only hear people speaking with a Jamaican accent in the background.

Investigations are continuing.