Shed a tear for the long weekends of 2019

Shed a tear for the long weekends of 2019.

That's because where long weekends are concerned, 2019 is as bad as it gets for Trinis.

Yep, prepare for a year without any many Friday or Monday holidays.

In fact, apart from the usual Easter weekend (which, thankfully is a fixed long-weekend each year), there's only one other holiday that can create a long weekend in T&T.

And that too isn't certain yet, because it's the Divali holiday, and it must be first declared.

But as it stands now, Divali is expected to be on Sunday October 27, which would make Monday 28 a holiday. 

And that's about as much as you get joyous Trinis.

Most of the public holidays fall on Thursdays (4), followed by Wednesdays (3) and Tuesdays (2).

And if that wasn't bad enough, technically, you "lose" two holidays altogether because they fall on Saturdays (no you don't get the holiday on the Friday....let's just burst that bubble quickly).

So for you who are accustomed to planning that little runaway to Tobago, Barbados or Miami for three days when holidays fall on Fridays and Mondays, it's not going to be as simple as it's been over the last few years.

Here is the schedule of T&T holidays in 2019.

1 January Tuesday New Year's Day
30 March Saturday Spiritual Baptist Liberation Day
19 April Friday Good Friday
22 April Monday Easter Monday
30 May Thursday Indian Arrival Day
5 June Wednesday Eid-Ul-Fitr
19 June Wednesday Labour Day
20 June Thursday  Corpus Christi
1 August Thursday Emancipation Day
31 August Saturday Independence Day
24 September Tuesday Republic Day
27 October Sunday Divali (holiday on the Monday)
25 December Wednesday Christmas Day
26 December Thursday Boxing Day


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