Sheldon Blackman's new single 'Grow Your Food', a message for T&T

Friday, October 26, 2018 - 09:15

Within weeks of landing in Trinidad and Tobago from Norway, T&T artiste Sheldon Blackman has recorded and released a new single, 'Grow your Food'.

"I started my own garden from the age of 11 and for all of my childhood, growing up with my father, the late Ras Shorty I, we ate primarily from the land," Blackman said.

Blackman said he was inspired to compose 'Grow your Food' by his passion for gardening and his vision of home growing as a solution for sustainable living.

"When I saw the joy my children had in setting, caring for and reaping vegetables, with my assistance, I could not stop giving-thanks that we can continue in this tradition," he added.

He said that for months the song had been rolling around in his mind and as soon as he landed, in early October, he found himself at Jamoo Studios where he and brother, Isaac Blackman, laid down the track.

Immediately, Blackman said he felt like this track was a song for now and decided to complete it by his 40th birthday on October 18th. 

'Grow your Food' can be found on Youtube and other online platforms. 

Also, Blackman decided that this song will be the theme for the 7th edition of Friendship Festival in 2019 (March 14-16).

This single comes on the heels of Sheldon's latest album "New Day" launched on September 19th, 2018 in Oslo, Norway and previously in Trinidad on November 18th, 2017 at Kaiso Blues Cafe.

He believes "Grow Your Food" is a ripe message at this time as families work to regain stability after the recent flooding in Trinidad and Tobago.