Socadrome open to all

The organisers of this year’s Socadrome are opening up the Jean Pierre Complex stage to all mas bands and individuals in the hope of creating a better experience for patrons who choose on Carnival Tuesday.

In throwing out the invitation to bands and masqueraders, Socadrome’s Danielle Jones-Hunte said they now believe it is better to give patrons a full showcase of what Carnival has to offer.

“The Socadrome is pleased to welcome all positive aspects of Carnival to join the display of traditional and modern costumes at the Socadrome as part of our show. We openly welcome other bands to participate by asking them to contact us in advance so we can schedule them in to avoid delays or congestion,” Jones-Hunte told the T&T Guardian.

Socadrome, now in its fifth year, was initially started by a coalition of big bands, including Tribe and its sister bands Bliss and The Lost Tribe, Yuma and Harts, in 2014, as an alternative to masqueraders having to cross the Queen’s Park Savannah stage and other main judging points due to the congestion associated with this process. It was believed the initiative help to relieve that congestion and Jones-Hunte said they believe they have achieved their goal as well.

“The Socadrome continues to be a success in us managing congestion on the traditional parade route to allow the free flow of mas for party and competing bands, Tribe and Yuma, who joined together in 2014 to bring the Socadrome to life,” she said.

However, up to last year, only a limited number of bands had opted to use the venue as an option.

But Jones-Hunte said in order to give spectators a “full showcase of the best of T&T Carnival, they agreed to open up the venue to all interested, including individual large costumes (Carnival Kings and Queens) interested in displaying their magnificent costumes.

Jones-Hunte admitted, however, that they were still in the process of finalising all the entertainment and artistes for the show.

At the moment, soca artiste Shal Marshall will share the stage with veteran David Rudder, Sugar Aloes, Black Sage and Lingo, alongside ole traditional mas characters such as the Midnight Robber, Blue Devils, Jab Jab and the Baby Dolls. This year’s theme is Love Carnival...The Place For Every Face.

The gates will be open from 7 am and it’s free entry. Patrons will be also allowed to walk with their coolers.

Source: (Rhondor Dowlat)