Still no bail for two charged with McDonald

Former government minister Marlene McDonald's long-time companion Michael Carew and another man charged alongside the couple for corruption and money-laundering, are yet to access bail. 

Although McDonald, Carew, Victor McEachrane, Edgar Zephyrine and Wayne Anthony were all granted bail last Monday, only McDonald, Zephyrine and Anthony were able to access their bail at the end of last week. 

Sources at the court said that Carew and McEachrane's relatives attempted to get approval of the bail, last Friday and yesterday, but were turned away as the justice of the peace assigned to the court was absent from work. 

They are expected to try again, tomorrow morning. 

The two elderly men, who spent the past week on remand at the Port-of-Spain prison, were not the only ones affected by the situation as everyone who was granted bail at the court during the period was in a similar position. 

The group is facing 49 charges over attempts to defraud the government.