Suspected paedophile beaten by residents

Arouca police are investigating the circumstances that led to a man being severely beaten by residents of Oropune gardens in what appears to be a case of vigilante justice.  According to reports, the man attempted to lure a 6-year-old girl from her family yesterday. 

According to police sources,  residents reported the man attempted to take the girl away by telling her, quote-  “come baby come, you are my cousin”.

The girl, however, fled the location and informed her mother. 

 The girl’s parents are said to have confronted the man, and a physical struggle ensued. 

The man then fled the scene and is said to have hid in nearby bushes. 

The girls' mother  raised an alarm and residents of the area lit fire to  bushes which drove the man out of hiding. 

He was then caught by residents and allegedly beaten.

Police are said to have arrived on the scene hours later as a call came in at 9 pm that a badly injured man was lying in the street. 

The unidentified man was  rushed via ambulance  to the  Arima district health facility and then to the Eric Williams medical sciences complex

Police say he is warded in a critical condition.

Police sources told Guardian Media they may not be able to charge the man as it did not appear that he committed any offence. 

Investigators may also have to consult with the office of the director of public prosecutions decide whether charges should be laid on the residents for their citizens' arrest. 


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