SWAHA condemns "outright discrimination" towards Nafisah

The Hindu organisation, SWAHA International is condemning what is calls "outright discrimination" towards OJT teacher Nafisah Nakhid who was asked to remove her hijab at the Lakshmi Girl's Hindu College.

SWAHA issued the following statement on Thursday:

"Quite a lot has been expressed about the recent dismissal of an OJT dressed in the traditional hijab from a Hindu denominational school. 

As with all controversies, there are always two sides and two slants that are adopted.

SWAHA, however, advocates a sane, sober and methodical approach to such situations.

There is and always will be a middle path.

It is clear that the issue has been mishandled by both the Ministry of Education and the relevant Board that oversees running of the school.

Many questions can be asked: Was the school consulted beforehand? Was the Board informed of the OJT assignment? Isn’t the Ministry aware of the rules and regulations that govern the running of denominational schools? It would be most disappointing if the OJT assignment was done with the intent to stir dissention and controversy.

Although denominational schools have the right to choose their staff and by the same token, refuse staff, it would be distasteful if this young lady was turned away simply on the basis of her traditional, Muslim wear.

SWAHA neither supports nor encourages such outright discrimination.

Our national anthem proclaims that every creed and race find an equal place in this blessed country.

One cannot endorse and condemn unity simultaneously.

Furthermore, on May 30th 2018, we celebrate 173 years of Indian arrival.

With the arrival of our ancestors, came both Hindus and Muslims.

How can we faithfully celebrate Indian arrival and yet provoke religious intolerance?

SWAHA believes such incidents should be dépassé in our land where such diversity resides.

There are more distressing issues that should concern us as a nation.

Let us come together and discuss solutions to crime, access to better healthcare and ways in which we can help build the family unit. We must see sameness, not difference for at the end of it all, we are citizens of the same country and we all have equal right to be here."

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