Tabla maestro passes

Wednesday, January 18, 2017 - 12:30

Trinidad and Tobago's premier tabla musician Dexter Raghunanan has died.

The 43-year-old passed at his home in Houston, Texas after a brief illness.

Raghunanan was one of the most distinguished Indian Classical artistes to originate from Trinidad and Tobago.

Dexter always had a great penchant toward percussion as a child and his passion for drums was recognised by his paternal grandmother who bought his first pair of tabla and subsequently encouraged him to learn tabla formally.

He established his own tabla school which started off with just four students in a temple in south Trinidad but soon expanded to a school of over two hundred.

His love of tabla took him to the US and Canada, where he accompanied many artistes.

He has travelled to different parts of the world displaying the artform.

The National Council of Indian Culture (NCIC) says in recognition of his passing:

"His passing will definitely leave a void in the cultural landscape of the West Indies and the Americas. We at the NCIC express our deepest sympathy to the bereaved family and his students."