THA installs 60 speed humps in 8 school districts

Primary school students, including chaperons throughout Tobago are safer today as the Division of Infrastructure, Quarries and the Environment has completed its Safe School Pedestrian Crossing Zone Review for 2018.

Every year, the Division, by way of the Transport and Traffic Management Committee, reviews the status of road safety within school districts with a view to safeguard the Island’s children.

Through yearly appraisals, the Division can enhance road infrastructure and deploy responsive traffic solutions in close proximity to schools.

Between February and March, the student pedestrian experience was improved within 8 school districts, seeing the installation of over 60 speed humps.

Principal of the Table Piece Government, Keishia Callendar, commenting on the project said, “The speed humps have been effective in slowing down speeding vehicles. Parents and teachers were happy when they were installed. Previously, we were fearful of what could happen, because of the reckless driving.”

President of the Parent Teachers Association (PTA), Belle Garden Anglican, Mrs. Donna OrrGrant said, “One of the greatest benefits of the installation of the speed bumps at our school is the increased sense of safety it provides for our staff and students. Drivers now have to reduce their speed, giving them ample time to see students crossing and also giving the security guards enough time to cross students – students are now less likely to be struck.”

Other schools benefiting from the upgrades were Goodwood Methodist, Goodwood Secondary, Hope Anglican, Pembroke Anglicans, Castara Government and Golden Lane Government.

Overall, the review addressed issues of line of sight, accident rate, traffic control and flow and accessibility to the school.