Thieves target La Romaine farmers

With­in a week thieves made off with eight cat­tle worth $36,000 in to­tal, in­clud­ing two preg­nant cows, from five farm­ers in La Ro­maine.

Two of the an­i­mals were found dead, in­clud­ing the preg­nant cow which was mu­ti­lat­ed, and a third was found alive and re­turned to its own­er.


Robin, one of the farm­ers, was so afraid he did not even want his full name used in the news­pa­per.

Four of his an­i­mals, in­clud­ing a sev­en-month preg­nant cow, were snatched from his par­cel of land along M2 Ring Road, La For­tune, be­tween Fri­day, Sep­tem­ber 20 and last Sat­ur­day. He has a care­tak­er liv­ing on the land who looks af­ter his prop­er­ty and cat­tle. He had sev­en an­i­mals in to­tal.

Robin re­called that on Sep­tem­ber 20 he checked on his an­i­mals and left. When he re­turned on Sat­ur­day, he re­alised that two, a male and fe­male worth $7,500 in to­tal, miss­ing.

He said oth­er farm­ers who rear their an­i­mals in that area al­so be­gan los­ing their live­stock.

His in­ves­ti­ga­tions re­vealed that oc­cu­pants of an or­ange wag­on and a white Kia van have been dri­ving through the area steal­ing the an­i­mals.

He said on Sat­ur­day, Sun­day and Tues­day, he to­geth­er with friends, rel­a­tives and oth­er farm­ers, combed ar­eas in Debe, Ra­mai Trace, Bar­rack­pore and Moru­ga in search of the an­i­mals.

“From morn­ing to night. No food, noth­ing.”

He said on Re­pub­lic Day (Tues­day) they got a tip-off that one of the an­i­mals was in Moru­ga.

“When we gone we see the an­i­mal (be­long­ing to one of the farm­ers) in front a duck farm.

He four legs tie and mouth tie with duct tape in the grass. 

It was crouch up. So many days pass like they did not give it wa­ter or any­thing. It was dead,” Robin said.

He said he and the group buried the an­i­mal. When he re­turned and checked on his an­i­mals, he found an­oth­er fe­male cow, preg­nant that is black and light brown in colour val­ued at $4,500, miss­ing. They re­sumed search­ing for the an­i­mals on Thurs­day and Fri­day. Robin said he dis­cov­ered his fourth cat­tle, a black and white cow, miss­ing around 8 am on Sat­ur­day.

He and his group con­tin­ued search­ing for them and the next morn­ing he got a call from a rel­a­tive who said one of his cows was spot­ted in Debe. “I told them to watch the cat­tle, don’t go close to it and stay a dis­tance off.”

He was told that a man brought the cat­tle in a ve­hi­cle and dropped it near a house. When he got there and con­firmed the an­i­mal was his, he called the San Fer­nan­do CID be­cause he had made a re­port each time his cat­tle was stolen. Robin said a man was ar­rest­ed and his cow was re­turned to him. How­ev­er, he said an­oth­er farmer found the mu­ti­lat­ed body of his (farmer) preg­nant cow in the La For­tune area.

“They take off the four foot and the up­per part of the chest and leave the body on the ground with the young still in the bel­ly.” Wor­ried that his an­i­mals will suf­fer the same fate, Robin plead­ed with per­sons who stole them not to kill them, es­pe­cial­ly the preg­nant cow.

“Please, drop them back by me in La For­tune,” he plead­ed.

The farmer al­so asked any­one who may have any in­for­ma­tion about the an­i­mals’ where­abouts or the thieves to con­tact the San Fer­nan­do CID or him at 760-6056.

On­ly on Mon­day, Guardian Me­dia high­light­ed the plight of a busi­ness­man in West­moor­ings, whose Cu­mu­to farm was raid­ed and items stolen.

Reporter: Sascha Wilson

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