Three charged for possession of firearm and ammunition

Monday, January 27, 2020 - 15:45

Critical action by officers of the Special Operations Response team led to the arrest and prosecution of three suspects and the seizure of a firearm along with a quantity of ammunition and marijuana in the D’Abadie area this morning.

According to police reports, at around 10:15 am on January 27th, officers acting on intelligence executed a search warrant for firearms and ammunition at a residence on Boys Lane, D’Abadie.

There, one revolver along with six rounds of .38 special ammunition and one hundred and fifty packets of marijuana amounting to 137.8 grams were found and seized.

Three persons were arrested in connection with the finds including Shaquille Hackshaw, 19 and Nadia Hackshaw, 36.

They were all charged for possession of a firearm and ammunition and possession of marijuana.

The Special Operations Response Team aims to collaboratively combat and suppress firearm-related criminal activities, by targeting gangs that are mainly involved in the importation and sale of illegal narcotics.

These gangs are also involved in the commission of many homicides, as they fight for control of districts.