Tobago Forwards wants answers on Venezuelans

Tobago Forwards (TF) leader Christlyn Moore is demanding that Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Kelvin Charles state the THA's plans for integrating Venezuelan migrants into the Tobago's population.

In a statement issued on Friday, Moore said her party supported Tobagonians' efforts to help the migrants.

"(We) support the ordinary residents of Tobago and the  Tobago Business community in closing some of the logistical and humanitarian gaps in the Venezuelan migrant registration process," she said.

However, she questioned the THA's inaction and said TF is concerned about the Assembly's silence on the immigration situation. 

"Wake up (and) demand answers from the Government so that the Tobago population, including those newly registered additions, can be prepared for the future," the TF demanded.

The party wants Charles to say whether Tobago's health care and education systems are ready for an outbreak of communicable diseases; how the THA plans to manage the integration of migrants into society and if additional security has been put in place to protect residents from "human trafficking and criminal migration realities".

The party is also asking Charles to ask Central Government what happens to the migrants after the one-year registration timeline has ended and whether the migrants' presence will affect this country's overall annual budget.

 - Camille Mceachnie


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