Tobago pensioner to keep $6.4M lotto winnings secret from friends & family

The Tobago man who won this year's first drawing of the National Lotto Plus, plans to keep his winnings a secret from friends and family. 

He won $6,454,791.64 in last Saturday's Draw #1817, with a Quick Pick. 

"When asked how he planned to celebrate his winnings, he said he will not make a fuss and he didn't plan to tell anyone - neither his girlfriend nor children," a National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB) Tobago official told Guardian Media.  

He cashed the winning ticket, #1113182629 POWERBALL 6, on Wednesday, which he had bought at NLCB booth Milford 24 located at the Crown Point gas station.

It's the first time, in just under a decade, that the national lottery's winning ticket was sold in Tobago.

 According to the NLCB  official, the last person to win the lottery in Tobago, just over eight years ago, "has not as yet cashed the ticket."

"We asked last Saturday's winner how he knew he won, he said he heard a Tobago person had won the jackpot so he checked his ticket. When he saw it was him he checked it over and over again and then told his friend, before coming to cash the ticket," the official said.

The official also said the pensioner walked into the NLCB area to cash the jackpot, "calm and cool, made no  fuss and cashed the ticket- not as though he had won the jackpot."

He was accompanied by his "partner who was just as cool and they both were in a jovial mood."

Quoting from the NLCB form, reserved for jackpot winners, the official said the man has been playing the game since the days of the National lottery and plays the  NLCB Lotto Plus often.

"We also asked if he will donate some of his winnings to charity, he said he does good deeds every day," the official said.

- by Camille McEachnie

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