Tobago police, THA investigate man in school fight

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 - 17:00

Tobago police and Education Division officials launch an investigation into a parent's involvement in a school fight that took place in Roxborough.
A 1:26 minutes video, showing the fight, has been widely shared on all social media platforms.
The robust man, who one of the assailants refers to as 'dad', is seen slapping and pointing his finger in the faces of students- females and a male. At one point he is seen hitting one female student on the ground.

Passersby got involved, parted the fight and pulled the man away from the students.
ACP Vernon Roberts of the TTPS Tobago Division said the police are investigating the matter.
"We saw the video and have begun an investigation. We will take the necessary action when the investigation is over," Roberts told Guardian Media.

Meanwhile, Chief Secretary and Education for Secretary Kelvin Charles said Education Division officials condemn the fight. He said it is under investigation.
"(We) condemn our students' involvement in any public brawl of this nature, especially as it has the unintended consequence of bringing the school into disrepute," he told Guardian Media via WhatsApp message.
Adding: "An investigation has been launched to ascertain the facts so that an informed decision can be made."
He described the parent's involvement as "quite unfortunate."

 - Camille McEachnie & Carisa Lee