Trafficking charges laid on pastor; top cop feels vindicated

Friday, January 3, 2020 - 09:45

The Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, is calling out those who questioned the investigation of Pastor Glenn Awong of Transformed Life Ministry. 

In a Facebook post, the commissioner told his detractors that the charges of trafficking, false imprisonment and kidnapping of 69 people laid against Awong spoke for themselves.

Following is the full text of the Police Commissioner’s statement…

“Some would recall the many overnight law enforcement experts, who were confident and eager enough to boast about stating that, as the Commissioner of Police, I was incorrect to state that the investigation into the Transformed Life Ministry, whereby 69 persons were rescued whilst being held, mostly against their will, included trafficking.

They were so excited about debating the meaning of trafficking, that the actual horror of persons being placed in cages against their will, became a secondary matter to them, because in their little world, trying to state that Gary Griffith was incorrect by using the word "trafficking" in this matter was more important, as their limited knowledge in this type of crime was based solely on what they see in movies, which is that of women being shipped from one country to another illegally in sex slavery.

So, to the many "experts" who for the last few months kept asking me what about my "trafficking" claim, particularly, Mr. Kejan Haynes and Ms. Tewarie from CCN TV6, the charges laid speak for themselves.

As a nation, we must focus on what is important to make this a better country, rather than be excited to undermine others. This was one such example, as the focus for many was to incorrectly interpret the meaning of trafficking rather than to condemn the horrific acts whereby elderly persons were being held like virtual slaves. When we ignore and trivialise such unacceptable acts on our fellow citizens, and even try to give excuses to justify such actions, then we start losing our direction and soul as a nation. I have no intention to walk that path, and would continue to do what is required to help those who cannot help themselves.”