Trini woman living in regret after joining ISIS

A Trinidad and Tobago woman who left this country to join ISIS, says she deeply regrets the decision.

She is one of four women who joined the caliphate and are now among tens of thousands of ISIS family members, mostly women and children, crammed into squalid camps in northern Syria overseen by the US-backed Kurdish-led forces who spearheaded the fight against the extremist group.

They were interviewed by the Associated Press (AP).

Gailon Lawson, of Trinidad and Tobago, said she began to regret her decision even before she reached the "caliphate".

She said that the night she crossed with her then 12-year-old son and her new husband into Syria in 2014, people had to dash across in the darkness to evade Turkish border guards.

"I saw people running, and that's when I realised it was a mistake," the 45-year-old Lawson told AP.

She said that she had converted recently to Islam and married a man in Trinidad who apparently had been radicalised - becoming his second wife.

Only days after they married, they travelled to Syria.

"I just followed my husband," she said.

According to the report, they divorced not long after arriving.

Lawson told AP that her biggest concern over the next years was keeping her son from being enlisted as a fighter.

He was arrested three times by ISIS for refusing conscription, she said.

She said that during the siege at Baghouz, she dressed her son as a woman in robes and a veil, and they slipped out.

Kurdish security forces detained the son, and Lawson has not heard from him in a month.

Lawson is one of over 150 T&T nationals estimated to have left the country to join ISIS.

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