T&T Spirit not ready to return tomorrow as previously planned

The Port Authority has announced that it is unlikely that the T&T Spirit will return to service tomorrow as previously planned.

The travelling public was previously advised that all major works to the T&T Spirit were completed.

However, the Port Authority says repairs to the coolers prevented the continuation of the vessels’ sea trials, which are necessary to obtain the certificates to operate on the inter-island service.

The repairs to the coolers were completed on Saturday 17th March, 2018 and the testing continued.

The sea trials were conducted to ensure that all machinery and equipment are functioning optimally.

"The proposed date for the vessel’s return to service was given as March 23, 2018 as it was reasonable to expect that given the extent of work undertaken - the vessel was outfitted with new parts, its engines were retrofitted, the turbo chargers were replaced and all minor works were completed - all systems would be in place to commence the service in the shortest possible time," the Port Authority said.

It added in a statement Thursday evening, that it is unlikely that the vessel will resume service tomorrow as, coming out of the last sea trials on March 21, further works are being carried out on the vessel’s safety systems.

It says a statement will be made tomorrow at a ediam conference.

It adds that in the circumstances, passengers with confirmed tickets for the ferry from 2018 March 23 – 25 will be accommodated on flights from CAL.

These passengers can go directly to the airport and check in at the Ferry Help Desk.

Passengers with vehicles must check in at the Ferry Terminal and their vehicles will be transported on the M.V. Cabo Star.

These passengers will be transported on PTSC buses to the airport.


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