TTPS searching for kidnapped family of four

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has activated all its units to find a missing family of four who were forcibly taken from their home by masked men earlier today.
Missing is 26-year-old Aaron, his wife Paula and their two children five-year-old Ricardo and three-year-old Isabella Sooknanan.
According to reports six masked men stormed the family's Jhulai Branch Trace, Penal Rock Road home, early this morning and forced them into a vehicle.
When officers visited the home, they discovered the front door damaged and the interior of the house ransacked.
A neighbour told police that at around 6 a.m. he heard a man bawling. Upon investigation, he found a Venezuelan man on the ground floor of the house where the Sooknanan’s live. he was beaten, and his hands tied with electrical cord.
The missing 26-year-old man’s mother says she has not received any calls demanding a ransom for their return.
Investigators are currently using all resources to find the family of four.


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