Turf warfare blamed for couple’s murder

Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - 05:45

On­go­ing turf war­fare has been blamed for the dou­ble mur­der of a cou­ple in the squat­ting com­mu­ni­ty of Bangladesh in St Joseph on Sun­day.

Rel­a­tives of mur­der vic­tim Keron Ram­per­sad, 33, said they were alert­ed by the sound of a car speed­ing near their home be­fore a vol­ley of gun­shots rang out.

Speak­ing with the Guardian Me­dia yes­ter­day, Ram­per­sad’s moth­er, who de­clined to give her name, said was in a state of shock when she emerged from her home and saw her son and his girl­friend, Crys­tal Heer­alal, dead on the road­way.

She re­called Ram­per­sad had on­ly mo­ments be­fore ar­rived home and was talk­ing to his girl­friend and one of her friend’s, Shami­la St John, when they were shot.

Heer­alal’s broth­er, Er­rol, said he and his oth­er rel­a­tives were at a rel­a­tive’s fu­ner­al when they got the news of her death.

He said he did not know the mo­tive but ad­mit­ted that there are gang ac­tiv­i­ties in the area.

“Yeah…it have vi­o­lence be­cause it’s like a turf war down there.”

Ram­per­sad’s moth­er al­so re­called sev­er­al oth­er shoot­ing in­ci­dents in the dis­trict.

“It had a fel­la get killed in the area and my nephew get shoot and then my son come and die now. I don’t know what go­ing on in the area,” she said.

“I liv­ing there for years, more than ten years. I don’t mix and med­dle with peo­ple. I keep to my­self. The crime sit­u­a­tion is ridicu­lous. I don’t know if the po­lice (can get con­trol) cause man shoot­ing po­lice and po­lice shoot­ing man,” she added.

The woman feared that the crime sit­u­a­tion in the coun­try would wors­en.

Po­lice of­fi­cers at the St Joseph Po­lice Sta­tion are con­tin­u­ing in­ves­ti­ga­tions.

- by Rhondor Dowlat