Two police officers charged with gang membership

Two police officers have been charged under the Anti-Gang Act along with a civilian and are expected to appear before an Arima Magistrate's Court this afternoon.

The third police officer a  relative of former police commissioner Stephen Williams who was also detained under the Anti-Gang Act for almost two weeks for alleged links to gang activities was released on Wednesday night.

Williams's relative and another 39-year-old police constable were held on February 21 at the Arouca Police Station and taken in for questioning by officers of the Organised Crime and Intelligence Unit(OCIU).

The third officer, who is currently before the courts on a charge of common assault was held two days later.

High Court Judge Lisa Ramsumari-Hinds au­tho­rised the de­ten­tion or­ders for three police officers between February 24 and 25 after the applications were filed by a police sergeant attached to the OCIU.

The two officers became the first ever lawmen to be charged under the Anti-Gang Act and could face up to 25 years in prison if convicted. 

One of the officers is expected to be charged with misbehaviour in public office and being a gang member and the other for misbehaviour in public office; while the civilian is expected to be charged with being a member of a gang and under Section 9 of the act of giving advice to a gang.

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