UPDATE: One dead, 4 injured in Beetham Highway accident

An accident on the Beetham Highway, today, has left one woman dead and four injured.

The accident happened after 4 o'clock this morning when a woman driving a Nissan X-Trail—which had at least one passenger—tried to overtake a truck along the highway.

She crashed into the truck.

Multiple first responder vehicles had to come to the scene to attend to the injured.

The crash caused traffic to back up as far as Grand Bazaar.

The Ministry of Works & Transport said a radio station inaccurately announced that the Priority Bus Route was open, causing motorists to flood that thoroughfare into the city.

All five persons involved in the accident were taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital (PoSGH) where the woman was declared dead.

Her father told CNC3 NEWS that he spoke to his daughter around 2 this morning. At the time, she was at a Halloween party and told him that she was having fun.

The passenger in the Nissan X-Trail -- identified only as Quashie -- was transported to the PoSGH with head injuries. He was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit.

Up to news time, he was said to be in critical condition and was being prepped for a CT scan and surgery.

His family is making an appeal for blood donations, as he requires eight pints.


Story by NEWS DESK

Image sourced from social media.

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