Venezuelan nationals to protest 'inhumane' treatment outside UN head office

Monday, November 20, 2017 - 07:00

A group of Venezuelan nationals will be protesting outside the united nations head office of chancery lane this morning.

Their grouse, the inhumane treatment meted out to Venezuelan nationals by local immigration authorities during an exercise on Aripata avenue over the weekend.

Activist Yaseina Gonzales described the activity as an abuse of power.

She is alleging that the authorities targeted all Venezuelan nationals including those who are living in Trinidad legally as well as those who have obtained un refugee status like criminals and held like hostages.

She says this situation only highlights the atrocities being committed against citizens in Venezuela and the fact they are fleeing for survival.

Gonzales is urging the authorities and citizens to be more compassionate.

According to the wall street journal article today, the citizens of Venezuela are starving.