Venezuelan sex slaves being pimped for $400/hr in Los Iros

Villagers are calling on police to investigate reports that five Venezuelan women are being held hostage as sex slaves in a secret garden camp at Cokal mangroves in Los Iros.

Even though villagers have reported the matter to the police, the women have not been rescued as police officers are believed to be part of the operation.

A source who requested anonymity said the women are being pimped for $400 and $500 an hour.

Two people who tipped off the Erin police were severely beaten last week.

A source who requested anonymity said since the Ministry of National Security imposed a ban on the Venezuelan ferries which transport Venezuelans legally to Trinidad, more people have been coming in illegally under the eyes of the law enforcement authorities.

Some of the areas where they are coming in include RE Road, Jeffers Drive, Anduez Road, Beach Camp Road and Erin Beach. 

Further along the coasts, Venezuelans are also coming in through Morne Diablo and Moruga.

Even though the TT Coast Guard and the Customs, Immigration and police have been doing patrols in many of these areas, no searches are being done on the abandoned houses and farmers camps which stand on the coasts, particularly in Los Iros and Erin.

Guardian Media visited the area on Monday in an attempt to find the camp where the women are being held against their will.

We will have more in Tuesday's Trinidad Guardian.

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