Vicky Boodram being questioned by police

Friday, December 1, 2017 - 09:45

Vicky Boodram was held last evening at a house in Penal by officers of the South Western Division.

The following is a press release from the TTPS:

A nationwide search for prisoner, Vicky Nirupa Boodram, ended at 6:40pm last evening, when she was found hiding in a house at Sunset Drive, Latchoos Road, Penal.

Boodram, 35, was on remand at the Women’s Prison, Golden Grove, Arouca, on 175 fraud related charges, when her release was orchestrated and executed around 5:15pm, on Monday 27th November, 2017.

Acting on information, officers went to a bar at Latchoos Road, Penal, on Thursday 30th November, 2017, where they met with a 32-year-old woman and informed her that they had information she was harbouring a prisoner.

The woman, a lotto booth vendor, led officers to her Sunset Drive home, where Boodram was found seated in a chair, in an upstairs apartment of the building.

Both women were subsequently arrested and are currently being questioned by investigators.

Boodram is expected to face additional charges related to her unauthorized release from prison.

Boodram was on remand since March 2016, after being denied bail on multiple fraud related charges namely:

1. 127 Counts of Demanding Property by virtue of a forged instrument

2. 25 Counts of Larceny

3. 10 Counts of Uttering a forged document

4. 5 Counts of Forgery of a bill of exchange valuable security with intent to defraud

5. 3 Counts of Attempting to Obtain property by False Pretenses

6. 2 Counts of Money Laundering

7. 1 Count of Uttering False Valuable Security

8. 1 Count of Obtaining Credit by Fraud

9. 1 Count of Causing the delivery of property by virtue of a forged instrument.

Boodram’s recapture was spearheaded by DCP (Ag.) Crime and Support, Harold Phillip, and involved officers of the Organised Crime and Intelligence Unit and the South Western Division.