Video captures elderly man alive lying on hospital grounds Tuesday before he was found dead Wednesday morning

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 - 08:30

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED: The video that accompanies this post contains sensitive material of an elderly man on the ground hours before he died and can be traumatic for some viewers.

The body of an elderly man has been found lying on the grass on the premises of the Port-of-Spain General Hospital and a video now circulating online, suggests that he had been there since Tuesday afternoon.

A passersby discovered the man lying face down this morning.

The man, who is of African descent, is yet to be identified but he gave his name as "Christopher" on the video and said that he was from Laventille.


He was clad in a purple long sleeve shirt and long pants, his shoes were off.

Investigations are ongoing to determine his cause of death.

There are reports that last evening the man attempted sought medical care at the hospital but it is unclear at this time if he received any attention.

A video posted on social media site Facebook shows the man lying on the ground signalling that he was in some discomfort.

The person who posted the video placed as a caption: "I witnessed this at the Port of Spain General hospital this afternoon. 2 security officers lifting a very sick gentleman and placing him on the ground in the carpark. The gentleman was unable to stand or walk but he was discharged and they were instructed to remove him. I was so appalled at this inhumane behaviour. Is this how we treat a human being? When I enquired about him being given some sort of medical care, I was told by the security he cannot be taken back inside unless an ambulance brings him, because he was discharged. This is total madness .What is our country coming to? This gentleman is 80 years old and this is how he was treated. Somebody do something about the service meted out to the citizen at our health institutions please. Minister Deyalsingh intervene here please, good sir. I also called 811 and they sent an ambulance to carry him back inside."

The matter is now being investigated by health authorities.