Video of women fighting after Sunday night boat party circulates online

Monday, September 12, 2016 - 09:30

Another "fight" video is circulating on social media, this time among women, with the inclusion of at least one man.

But while several similar videos that went viral this year were of students, this one is of adults fighting after an all-white boat party on Sunday night.

It followed the event known as 'Ciroc the Boat', which is considered a high-end event, held on the Harbor Master.


The fight took place in the car park where the boat docks in Cocorite.

Eyewitnesses say the fight began between two women who were arguing over a man and eventually grew to include another woman and man.

Pictures of one of the women with a bruised face and leg have been ciruclating online as well.

In the video - some of which CNC3 Digital has blurred because of the graphic nature of the content - men and women can be heard encouraging the fight, while others struggled to pull them apart.

The video begins with a woman on top of another, repeatedly delivering blows with a cell phone.

It eventually ends with a woman being pulled away from the fight as threats continued.

The matter is now receiving the attention of police.