Voice recordings emerge on alleged HDC employee's deal with Greenvale family

Two voice recordings have emerged, purporting to be a Housing Development Corporation (HDC) employee and the tenant who was evicted from a HDC development in Greenvale for illegal occupation of a home.

Yesterday the HDC said it had launched a probe into claims that an employee illegally gave a house to a family without the proper procedures being followed.

The family was evicted last week.

On one of the voice recordings the voice of a man, who believed to be the HDC employee, and that of a woman, the tenant, can be heard discussing the matter.

In the recording, the woman explains that she was told by the employee that senior Government officials knew they were occupying the house.

The woman can also be heard expressing fear that she would be jailed and her children taken away.

The voice believed to be that of the HDC employee can be heard allaying the woman's concerns and asking for his name not be mentioned.