WASA CEO: Brace for more restrictions

Chief ex­ec­u­tive of­fi­cer of the Wa­ter and Sewage Au­thor­i­ty (WASA) Al­lan Poon King is urg­ing cus­tomers to brace them­selves for more wa­ter re­stric­tions if the dry sea­son con­tin­ues and wa­ter re­stric­tions will re­main in ef­fect.

Al­ready there are wa­ter sched­ules in parts of Trinidad and if the harsh dry sea­son con­tin­ues then Poon King said the au­thor­i­ty will be forced to sched­ule pipe borne wa­ter to two days in some ar­eas.

Poon King was speak­ing to the me­dia at a tour of the at Hol­lis Reser­voir, Va­len­cia yes­ter­day.

He said the present wa­ter lev­el at Hol­lis Reser­voir has dropped to 40 per cent as of yes­ter­day and keeps drop­ping.

At Hol­lis Reser­voir, Poon King showed the me­dia how the reser­voir is no where near the lev­el where it nior­mal­ly reach­es when the dam is filled, which, he said, is of se­ri­ous con­cern.

Hol­lis Reser­voir ser­vices a large part of Trinidad with pipe borne wa­ter.

Ar­eas ser­viced by the Reser­voir in­clude KP lands, La Plat­ta, Sil­i­ca Sands, Co­corite Road, from Broad­way to Hen­ry Street, O’Meara Road, the town of Ari­ma from the Pri­or­i­ty Bus Route to Broad­way, Ari­ma Old Road from King Street to Cleaver Road, Mal­abar Phase 11, Sama­roo Vil­lage, Dar­will Gar­dens, Galaxy Gar­dens, Mau­si­ca Road, Pine Haven De­vel­op­ment, La Re­source North, Bon Air Gar­dens, Bon Air West, Lopinot Road and Arou­ca.

Poon King added that if the dry sea­son con­tin­ues WASA will have no oth­er choice but to re­duce the sup­ply of wa­ter to these ar­eas.

Asked if wa­ter fin­ish­es at Hol­lis Reser­voir what will hap­pen, Poon King said this will not hap­pen as he as­sured WASA will do what it has to do to con­serve wa­ter.

The in­crease and de­crease in wa­ter to cus­tomers is de­ter­mined by the Met Of­fice and WASA Wa­ter Re­source man­age­ment.

Poon King said there is no room for im­prove­ment at Hol­lis Dam and wa­ter sup­plies sim­ply have to be man­aged.

Ac­cord­ing to Poon King, a ma­jor area of con­cern for WASA is in south Trinidad. He said WASA is mak­ing every ef­fort to have a wa­ter sup­ply to the cus­tomers in the south­ern ar­eas.

In light of re­cent re­ports that trucks were charg­ing con­sumers to de­liv­er wa­ter, Poon King ad­vised all cus­tomers not to pay any mon­ey for truck borne wa­ter.

He said if they have no wa­ter they should call the WASA hot­lines.

Poon King said over the last two weeks two per­sons have been charged with breach­ing wa­ter re­stric­tion reg­u­la­tions, but he lament­ed that the fee of $75.00 is too small a fine and is not a de­ter­rent.

Present­ly, Poon King said, there is pro­pos­al be­fore Cab­i­net for an in­crease in fines for peo­ple who fail to abide with WASA re­stric­tions on con­serv­ing wa­ter es­pe­cial­ly in the dry sea­son. The quan­tum of the in­crease in the fine is not up to WASA but the Cab­i­net he said.

He al­so ac­knowl­edged that WASA has 27,000 leaks and of those he said they have re­paired just un­der half of them, 13,095 leaks and re­pairs are con­tin­u­ing

Poon King made it clear that wa­ter re­stric­tions will not cease im­me­di­ate­ly.

- by Ralph Banwarie

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