WASA: Deficit of 30 million gallons/day due to harsh dry season

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) is reminding the public that the ongoing harsh dry conditions have significantly impacted water production at several of the authority’s water treatment plants throughout the country, which has resulted in a deficit of approximately 30 million gallons per day in water availability for distribution.

The statement comes as residents and business owners in parts of central and south Trinidad complained publicly about how the lack of water has been impacting their lives and businesses.

WASA says because of the harsh dry conditions, customers in several communities - particularly at the extremities of its pipeline distribution system - are, and will continue, experiencing problems in receiving a regular water supply. 

In this regard, WASA says it has been and will continue to work closely with local government and other representatives to identify and provide truck-borne deliveries to supplement the lack of a pipe-borne supply. 


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