WASA reveals findings of tests on water showing it's safe to drink

Friday, March 3, 2017 - 14:00

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) says tests done on the water leaving its treatment plants have shown that it is safe o drink.

The tests were done after concerns of lead contamination from the Guanapo Landfill.

WASA Chairman Romney Thomas, hosted a news conference today.

The following is his statement at the news conference.

"Subsequent to the statement issued by the Authority on 16th February, 2017, WASA commissioned the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) to conduct independent tests for heavy metals, on the raw water entering and the final treated water leaving the Caroni and Guanapo Water Treatment Plants.

The Authority wishes to indicate that these independent test results have confirmed that the levels of lead in the raw water entering and the final treated water leaving the facilities are within permissible levels as prescribed in the Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The Authority remains committed to providing its customers throughout Trinidad and Tobago with a safe, potable water supply. This is pursued vigorously by ensuring that there are appropriate measures in place to guarantee that WHO drinking water guidelines are achieved.

The Authority has several mechanisms in place to ensure that water produced and distributed from its water treatment plants is potable and meets the above-mentioned guidelines. These include a rigorous treatment process whereby heavy metal contaminants such as Lead are removed from water during WASA’s coagulation/flocculation, sedimentation and filtration processes to within acceptable levels as defined by the World Health Organisation. In addition, there is disinfection to eliminate dangerous pathogens.

Specifically, with respect to the Caroni Water Treatment Plant, a water Quality Monitoring System (WQMS) is in place to monitor water quality parameters in the Caroni River Basin and provide real-time water quality data to the Plant from several locations upstream of the facility. This system measures six (6) water quality parameters which are key indicators of different types of pollution that can impact the Plant’s output. In addition, regular water quality testing at the Plant’s onsite laboratory is conducted in keeping with WHO Guidelines.

The results of the independent tests conducted by CARIRI confirm there is no lead contamination of water at the Caroni Water Treatment Plant. The Authority wishes to again emphasize that water from this and other facilities is safe to drink and WASA’s commitment to providing a safe, potable water supply to customers throughout Trinidad and Tobago."

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