Water restrictions remain despite official start of Rainy Season

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) says that despite the declaration of the start of the 2019 Wet Season, the Water Use Restrictions implemented on January 28, remain in effect until further notice.

WASA is further advising that the current revised water supply schedules also remain in effect.

"It is important to note that a period of consistent or regular rainfall will be required in order to deliver a sustained increase in raw water flows at the Authority’s surface water treatment plants, which have been adversely affected by the past months of severe dry weather," WASA said in a statement issued Tuesday.

It says that its four main impounding reservoirs, which currently stand at Arena - 35.67%; Navet - 22.72%; Hollis - 26.57%; and Hillsborough - 42.40%; will require months of regular rainfall in order to fully recover in preparation for next year’s Dry Season.

WASA is encouraging all to continue to maintain strict water conservation measures by only using water as required.

It said that as the Wet Season progresses further, it will provide the necessary notification regarding the lifting of the water use restrictions and reverting of water supply schedules.


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