Woman in finance-driven suicide attempt worsens

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 - 20:00

The medical condition of Yvonne Arjoon, the woman who survived a suicide pact with her husband on Sunday, is slowly worsening at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Arjoon and her husband, Ralph Buchoon, both 42, took a decision to end their lives on Sunday by ingesting a poisonous weedicide, Paraquat, as they were unable to repay thousands of dollars in debt.

They sold fruits for a living but were unable to pay their suppliers. 

Buchoon died after being taken to the Couva Health Facility, but Arjoon was kept alive by first responders.

Now her mother, Leela Arjoon, says she fears her daughter may die from the effects of the poison which she consumed. 

Speaking from her daughter’s bedside at the hospital, Leela said Arjoon can no longer speak.

“When we had come on Monday, she was talking and telling us why she do it. Now it looks like she get some kind of infection and she can’t talk at all,” Leela said. 

“I only seeing her mouth moving, but we can’t hear any sound.

“Her inside cut up and she can’t eat or drink anything...the nurses giving her pieces of ice to chip and sometimes a little sip of water, but other than that she can’t take any food or anything.”

She said despite this, she still has hope her daughter will survive.

“She making signs with she hands, like she trying to tell us that she won’t make it...but I feel she could still make it, she is a strong woman.”

Leela said Buchoon’s body was collected by his relatives but she does not know when he will be laid to rest.

SOURCE: http://www.guardian.co.tt/news

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