Women's group calls for establishment of Police Sex Crimes Unit

The International Women’s Resource Network (IWRN) is expressing "deep concern" over what it calls the alarming rate at which sexual offences against minors are being committed.

The IWRN notes that sexual penetration has now become a regular occurrence with current statistics for 2018 revealing that more than 20 minors have been subjected to these heinous and painful crimes.

"Even more alarming is the fact that in many instances, these offences are committed by persons known to the victims," the IWRN said ina statement on Friday.

The organization said it is even more concerned at the fact that reported incidents have been committed over lengthy periods of time which may suggest either (1) victims are threatened into remaining silent or (2) victims may be reporting to relatives or friends but official reports are not being made to the police in a timely manner.

The IWRN notes that the increase of such crimes against children, senior citizens and women would only inflict further harm to an already hurting society, and is appealing to the new Commissioner of Police to immediately set up in all Police Division, a Sex Crimes’ Unit where these crimes can be reported, investigated and sent to the courts without delay.

"We are also calling on the Judiciary to put in place a designated Court that will be able to expedite these matters swiftly. We need justice that is swift to protect our vulnerable individuals in our society," the IWRN said.

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