Alleged kidnap victim arrested and charged

The man who claimed to have been kidnapped and held hostage by Venezuelan gangsters in the forest, is expected to appear at the Rio Claro Magistrates Court today, following his arrest by Barrackpore Police.

24-year-old coconut water and juice salesman, Shane Ramjattan, was called into the Barrackpore Police Station at about 1pm yesterday.

He was asked to give a statement on his abduction by investigating officers.

However, Ramjattan reportedly changed the story he initially gave to the police. 

He was subsequently arrested and charged.

Woman abducted at UWI by men in police & army uniforms

Police are investigating the abduction of a woman at the University of the West Indies' St Augustine campus.

The woman has been identified as Maria Dass.

Dass is said to be the Commercialization Manager attached to the Office of Institutional Advancement and Internationalization.

Reports indicate that three men took the woman.

One of the men was dressed in police uniform, one dressed in army uniform and the other wearing dark clothing.

The silver Nissan Tiida used in the abduction appears to have had fake number plates PDK 9561.

Gasparillo man abducted

Po­lice are now re­view­ing video footage as they search for 24-year-old Jonathan Ram­cha­ran, who was re­port­ed­ly kid­napped at a shop­ping cen­tre in San Fer­nan­do this morn­ing.

Ram­cha­ran had re­port­ed­ly left his Gas­par­il­lo home to go to the bank to con­duct busi­ness. Po­lice are first­ly try­ing to as­cer­tain if he made it to the bank and which bank he went to.

Police investigate alleged abduction of UWI student

Police are investigating the alleged abduction of a student from the University of the West Indies who was blindfolded and taken to a location for several hours before he was returned unharmed.

Alex Gopaul, 18, of Bonasse Village, Cedros, told police he was abducted by two men who blindfolded, gagged and tied him up. 

He said he was kept inside a van for two hours before he was finally released.

In a statement to police, Gopaul said around 10 am on Wednesday he left home to drop off a book for a friend in Syfoo Trace, Cedros. He was driving his silver B-15.

21-year-old man held for allegedly abducting, raping 12-year-old boy

Police have held a 21-year-old Cascade man for allegedly raping a 12-year-old schoolboy on Saturday.

The arrest was made around 10 pm last night by officers of the Port of Spain Criminal Investigations Division (CID).

Reports suggest that the man approached the boy, who was walking in Port-of-Spain following a lessons class, and forced the child into a vehicle at gunpoint on Saturday.

The child was taken to an unknown location where he was sexually assaulted.

The suspect is said to have dropped off the boy at Lady Young Road and sped off.

Kunti seeks medical treatment

Kunti Deopersad sought medical treatment yesterday, a day after she gave an account of how she escaped four abductors by picking a lock with a hairpin.

Up to press time yesterday, her husband Tilkee Gopaul, 61, of Oropouche South Trace said they were waiting for her to be medically examined at the San Fernando General Hospital.

Gopaul said Deopersad, 39, went to the Siparia Health Facility yesterday but was advised to go to the San Fernando General Hospital instead.

“We waiting here right now. The doctors still have to examine her,” Gopaul said.

Police investigate abduction of teenager in Chaguanas

Chaguanas police are investigating an abduction of a 17-year-old boy.

Reports indicate that on Tuesday, the boy was walking along the road when a vehicle with two men pulled along him.

The boy was allegedly forced into the vehicle.

He was held for about two and a half hours.

The teenager was subsequently dropped off and contacted the police and his parents.

He claimed the men attempted to sexually assault him.

Police are continuing investigations.