New Anglican Archbishop appointed

The An­gli­can Church in the West In­dies has a new head fol­low­ing the elec­tion of Ja­maican Bish­op Howard Gre­go­ry to the post of Arch­bish­op for the Province of the West In­dies dur­ing its provin­cial syn­od at the Cas­ca­dia Ho­tel yes­ter­day.

Arch­bish­op Gre­go­ry pre­vi­ous­ly held the posts of head of An­gli­can Church in Ja­maica and Cay­man Is­lands.

Archbishop reminds priests need support, give a little more

Do you want to give your lo­cal Ro­man Catholic priest a Christ­mas bonus?

Then give gen­er­ous­ly to the Christ­mas col­lec­tion at the church, as the en­tire amount re­ceived goes to­ward the priests, Arch­bish­op Ja­son Gor­don has said.

The en­tire East­er and Christ­mas col­lec­tions go to­ward sup­port­ing the cler­gy, Gor­don said dur­ing an in­ter­view in this week’s pub­li­ca­tion of the Catholic News.

Since 2015, the av­er­age amount col­lect­ed from all the Ro­man Catholic church­es around the coun­try dur­ing Christ­mas has been $1.5 mil­lion.

Archbishop: There will always be gangs unless T&T finds way to respect, educate youth

Two weeks after the Anti-Gang legislation went into effect, Roman Catholic Archbishop Jason Gordon says unless T&T finds a way to love, respect and educate its youths, there will always be gangs.

Speaking to reporters after the consecration of the chapel of Our Lady of the Presentation, held at Presentation College in San Fernando Monday, Gordon said an intervention was needed within the family if gangs were to be eradicated.

Archbishop on treatment of refugees: 'T&T too stingy'

Archbishop Jason Gordon is advocating for Venezuelan nationals seeking refuge to be welcomed, treated with dignity and integrated into this country.

In an obvious reference to the recent deportation of 82 Venezuelans following the confirmation of Presentation College students at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, San Fernando, yesterday, Gordon said they were not coming here to “sponge off of us” but because they are facing a crisis.

Archbishop wants to meet student who damaged church artifacts

Archbishop Jason Gordon wants to meet with the medical student who smashed the revered crucifix and statute of St Paul at the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception during Palm Sunday mass.

And Monsignor Christian Pereira said he intends to speak to the student’s mother to “see how that could be facilitated.”

The student in question is not Catholic but Pereira said his mother told him that he had been having “visions and probably responded to what he saw as a vision to do this.”

Archbishop to hold mass at Port-of-Spain prison tomorrow

Newly-appointed Archbishop of Port-of-Spain, Jason Gordon, will be delivering an inaugural mass at the Port-of-Spain Prison, Frederick Street, on Wednesday.

The Prison Service says the mass will begin at 9 am and that the Commissioner of Prisons, Gerard Wilson and other members of the executive will attend.

Archbishop Gordon was installed as the 11th Archbishop of Port-of-Spain on December 27th, 2017

The 58-year-old Bishop replaced Archbishop Joseph Harris who tendered his resignation to the pope when he turned 75 years old earlier this year.