Immigration Centre detainees escaped during function

The five detainees who escaped from the Immigration Detention Centre in Arima may have snuck out during an event there yesterday afternoon.
CNC3 News spoke to a Senior Official at the IDC who said officers did not discover that the five men were missing until hours later.
During a routine head count around eleven last evening, officers realised five of the 107 detainees could not be found.
Three of the escapees have been identified as Venezuelan nationals Rodney Noel Mendoza, Luis Sifontes, and Jose Yanez.

Couple ambushed in Aripo, man beaten, car stolen

An Arima man was beaten and left for dead near the Aripo River, after a gunman pounced on him and a woman as they sat in a vehicle on Saturday.

Gerald Gomez, 67, was rescued after a retired police officer stopped a passing police patrol, and taken to hospital for treatment. His companion, whose name was not released by police, escaped injury.

Police said the couple was seated in a Nissan AD wagon near the river around 1.30 pm when they were confronted by a masked man, armed with a gun, who emerged from nearby bushes and ordered them out of the vehicle.

Massive anaconda kills caiman in Aripo

A worker at the Aripo Lifestock Station took a short walk to a pond to relieve himself around 10 am Monday when he came across a startling discovery.

A 12-foot anaconda was just about to have itself a meal, on 7-foot caiman and was applying the final act of constriction before it prepared to swallow the animal whole.

The worker called other workers who began recording video via their cell phones.


One of them used a piece of wood to prod at the animals and the anaconda then made an escape leaving the dead caiman.

Burnt body found in Aripo

Burnt human remains have been discovered in Aripo.

Information reaching CNC3 is that officers of the northern division received a tip-off that a body was spotted down a precipice.

At Aripo road. Officers combed the area and eventually located the body later that afternoon and retrieved it around 5 pm.

While the corpse remains unidentified, preliminary investigations suggest it is the body of a man.

It is the second such discovery this Easter weekend as another burnt body was discovered by police in Orange Grove on good Friday.