Health ministry to tackle gestational diabetes in 2020

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh has pledged to tackle the issue of gestational diabetes in 2020.

On Christmas Day, Minister Deyalsingh stated this is one of several major projects they’ll focus on next year.

The minister says it is one of the most important interventions they intend to undertake, in order to deal with diabetes in this country.  He notes that in the case of many women with gestational diabetes, their children could develop type-one diabetes.

No food, pampers for my babies

Un­able to feed and clothe her two ba­bies and with­out a com­fort­able place to call home, a Pa­lo Seco moth­er is cry­ing out for help.

For a long time, 22-year-old Nio­ka Alexan­der has hid­den the ex­tent of the squalor they live in, but last week Wednes­day af­ter she was caught steal­ing food items from a vil­lage gro­cery, her se­cret was re­vealed.

A so­cial me­dia video in­tend­ed to shame her had the op­po­site ef­fect.

She has re­ceived an out­pour­ing of sup­port and sym­pa­thy from the pub­lic.

Three newborns at Mt Hope

Three moth­ers got sur­prise Christ­mas presents at the Er­ic Williams Med­ical Sci­ences Com­plex yes­ter­day when they de­liv­ered their sons days be­fore they were due.

Jenise Guer­ra was the first to give birth at 1.04 am to a 7.1-pound boy. Guer­ra, who lives in Ari­ma, said she was caught off guard by labour pains on Christ­mas eve as she was due to give birth to her fourth child on Sat­ur­day. She has two oth­er sons and one daugh­ter.

Christmas babies in Sando

The ba­by came sev­en days late but when she fi­nal­ly ar­rived on Christ­mas morn­ing, her moth­er Can­dice Bap­tiste de­cid­ed to call her Melody.

Ba­by Melody was one of four ba­bies born on Christ­mas Day at the San Fer­nan­do Gen­er­al Hos­pi­tal.

In an in­ter­view, Bap­tiste said her labour last­ed for two days so when she fi­nal­ly brought Melody safe­ly out, she was ec­sta­t­ic.

“I came in on Sun­day night be­cause the ba­by was sup­posed to be here a week ago. I feel re­lieved that she is OK and I look for­ward to go­ing home,” Bap­tiste said.

Cramped neonatal unit ‘infecting’ babies

Weeping for his brain-damaged son Riley, who was taken from his mother’s womb by doctors forceps during an arduous delivery, Randy Jaglal yesterday called for Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh’s intervention, saying babies were at risk in the old San Fernando General hospital.

Twin babies found dumped in Forres Park landfill

Police are investigating the discovery of two babies whose dead bodies were in a cardboard box at the Forres Park Landfill.

The twin babies, who are believed to have been six months old when they died, were found by workers at the landfill early this morning.

In August, a newborn baby girl was found dead at the Beetham Landfill.

She was found to have been murdered.

Investigations are continuing.

Two babies born in T&T after Zika pregnancies show no signs of complications

At least two babies were born in Trinidad and Tobago to mothers suffering with the Zika virus, health authorities said on Friday.

Medical Chief of Staff Dr. Karen Sohan said the babies were born at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital and that so far they have shown no complications.

Sohan says the two babies were born last week and in March.

Trinidad and Tobago has so far recorded 215 cases of Zika.

Paternal grandmother of sextuplets born in 2013 speaks out on recent baby deaths

The paternal grandmother of sextuplets born to Petra Lee Foon and Kieron Cummings, in 2013 is making a desperate plea for more to be done to save lives of newborn babies at the nation's hospitals. 

Three of babies born to that couple had died soon after birth and now Patronella Philip-Cummings, the mother of Keiron Cummings is asking, how many more must die before the health sector improves.

The following is Patronella Philip-Cummings' full statement: