Barack Obama

International: Obama turns up for jury duty at Chicago court

Former president Barack Obama answered a jury summons Wednesday, arriving at a Chicago courthouse to perform the civic duty asked of all Americans - but was sent home just two hours later.

The former leader of the free world was the only juror to arrive by six-vehicle motorcade, however, accompanied by tight security and met by a throng of news media.

He left his Chicago home in the Kenwood neighborhood at 9:30am and arrived at the courthouse a half hour later.

His motorcade was made up of four black SUVs, a Chicago police SUV, and an Illinois State Police SUV. 

International: Obama - "What's been going on since I've been gone?"

Barack Obama, in his first major appearance since leaving the White House, made no mention on Monday of his successor, Donald Trump, but urged young people to get more involved in their communities at a time of stark political divides.

“What’s been going on since I’ve been gone?” joked the former Democratic president as he moderated an event at the University of Chicago in the city where he began his political career and which will be the site of his presidential library.

Obamas slip quietly into the Caribbean for some rest and relaxation

Barack and Michelle Obama have arrived in the British Virgin Islands after jetting in to the Caribbean on Richard Branson's plane. 

The former first couple posed with staff at Terrence B Lettsome International Airport, the islands' main airport, on Monday night after a flight from California.

A photograph of the pair with their arms stretched around immigration officials and the local police commissioner appeared on social media after their quiet arrival. 

New poll shows Obama leaving with third highest rating of all US presidents

President Barack Obama will leave office Friday with his highest approval rating since 2009, his presidency largely viewed as a success, and a majority saying they will miss him when he is gone.

A new CNN/ORC poll finds Obama's approval rating stands at 60 percent, his best mark since June of his first year in office.

Compared with other outgoing presidents, Obama lands near the top of the list, outranked only by Bill Clinton's 66 percent in January 2001 and Ronald Reagan's 64 percent in January 1989.

President Obama delivers farewell address tonight

President Barack Obama's farewell address at McCormick Place, Chicago on Tuesday night is not intended as a victory lap, but a call to action to the next generation of leaders, White House officials said.

"It's a passing of the baton," White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki told a group of reporters on the eve of Obama's last speech to the nation.

The speech is set for 8 pm at the lakefront convention center.

Trump, Obama meet at the White House

President-elect Donald Trump has met at the White House with President Barack Obama for talks on the transition of power.

Speaking briefly after the Oval Office meeting, Trump said it was a "great honour".

He later replied to reporters questions, saying Obama was "a very good man".

He told reporters that the meeting was to last 10 minutes but went on for almost an hour and a half, adding that he would not have had a problem if it went on even further.0

Obama calls Trump & congratulates him on his victory

President Obama has called Donald Trump to congratulate him on his win and to invite him to the White House on Thursday, according to a statement from the White House.

“Ensuring a smooth transition of power is one of the top priorities the president identified at the beginning of the year and a meeting with the president-elect is the next step,” reads the statement from the White House press secretary.

President Obama writes Hazel Manning offering condolences on Patrick Manning's death

US President Barack Obama has written to Hazel Manning expressing condolences on the death of her husband, former Prime Minister Patrick Manning.

The letter, dated July 11th, was uploaded to Patrick Manning's still-active Facebook page this morning.

It states,

"Dear Mrs Manning,

On behalf of the American people, I extend my deepest condolences on your husband's passing.

Prime Minister Manning was guided by his commitment to strengthening Trinidad and Tobago in our time and for generations to come.